Capital Wishlist: Catherine McKenna on making us the greenest capital
Ottawa Citizen

By Catherine McKenna, Ottawa Citizen, June 30, 2017

We are lucky to live in Ottawa, where bike paths, green spaces and fresh water are within steps of our front doors. While this is an incredible starting point, my personal dream for our city over the next 150 years is to see Ottawa become the greenest capital city in the world. I want to see us aim higher and push harder to reimagine the way we live, work and play in the nation’s capital. If we do that, we are not only doing the right thing for our kids, we are also creating an incredible opportunity for our city.

In my dream for Ottawa’s future, I see us as a thriving carbon-neutral city. We are an ecologically responsible city built to minimize our environmental impact through innovative energy-efficient buildings, active transportation and clean technology.

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