City hall blog: Forgotten training tab should be last LRT surprise, commission told
Ottawa Citizen

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, June 21, 2017

OC Transpo had to figure out where to get $4.8 million for teaching bus operators how drive LRT trains because apparently the transit department forgot to budget the money.

That’s what the transit commission learned on Wednesday during a quick meeting at City Hall.

Transit management needed the commission’s approval to shift money between internal accounts, including $4.8 million from a bus refurbishment fund to an LRT account.As we reported this week, Transpo is getting ready to train about 100 workers on running the Alstom Citadis Spirit vehicles and controlling the LRT system. First the Rideau Transit Group will hand over the training materials, then the trainers will share their knowledge with the future train operators and controllers. The training will last right up until Confederation Line LRT opens in 2018.

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