Food for thought: Why some of us believe a sustainable-farming revolution is underway in Ontario
Ottawa Citizen

By Stephen Le, Ottawa Citizen, June 23, 2017

Somewhere in Ottawa, a shopping cart is being steered through a cavernous supermarket. Like a scene from a sci-fi horror flick, the soulless aisles brim with microwaveable frankenfood and flavourless produce. Mindless pop tunes drone hypnotically in the background. Antiseptic fumes waft from the floor. “Didyafindeverythinyouwerelookinfor?” chime the cashiers. “Anddidyaneedabagtoday?” Neon yellow signs trumpet, “Our prices will surely never ever be beat!”

Somewhere else in Ottawa, a folk singer is serenading a crowd. Farmers display baskets of freshly picked produce. Sheep’s milk yogurt is sold here, alongside honey and wild boar meat. These farmers know where their food comes from, how it was sown and grown. Of course, farmers’ market prices will “surely always forever be beat” by supermarkets, but wedged within that price differential lie stirring exploits and a profound debate.

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