Today’s letters: The bad side of the LRT is green space loss
Ottawa Citizen

By David Sharpe and Leslie Carter, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, June 14, 2017

LRT soiling Jacques Gréber’s legacy

Re: The Capital Builders: Mackenzie King and Gréber remade Ottawa, June 12

David Reveley’s article on Jacques Gréber mentioned that Mackenzie King was enraptured with Gréber’s idea of covering rail lines by hiding them under parkland.It is strange to note that current LRT planning has a rail line dissecting Ottawa parks, especially Connaught Park, instead of going around.

The Gréber Greenbelt is perhaps his best known planning element for Ottawa; however, community associations in the west end are very upset above the pending loss of green space in the Gréber Greenbelt due to LRT routing.

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