Almonte council parkland dispute results in member of public leaving in handcuffs
Ottawa Citizen

By Aedan Helmer, Ottawa Citizen, May 3, 2017

A long-simmering dispute over a small plot of Almonte parkland erupted at a Mississippi Mills council session this week, with three police officers pinning a member of the public to the floor before leading him out of council chambers in handcuffs.

“I won’t deny I was angry,” said Mario Coculuzzi, a 58-year-old IT consultant who attended Tuesday’s meeting as one of 16 residents invited to share his opinion on the rezoning of Don Maynard Park.

“This issue has been going on since August and we’ve had very little input. To all of us here, it’s just a sham. It’s a guise for making more properties and collecting more property taxes while lowering our property values.”

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