Heavy rain sweeps through National Capital Region; Two schools and a care home evacuated in Maniwaki
Ottawa Citizen

By Vito Pilieci and Paula McCooey, Ottawa Citizen, May 1, 2017

Two schools and one long-term care home in Maniwaki were evacuated Monday as water levels continue to rise across the Outaouais, putting some areas flooded last week at risk once again.

Staff at the Maniwaki Hospital confirmed students at Cité Étudiante de la Haute Gatineau and Maniwaki Woodland schools were sent home. As well, residents living at the long-term care facility Foyer Père Guinard in Maniwaki were sent to stay at hospitals, community centres and with their families as the flooding is expected to continue.

According to Environment Canada, total rainfall amounts of 30 to 50 mm are expected by Tuesday morning for Maniwaki. Some areas could see rainfall amounts in excess of 50 mm before the rain tapers off later in the day.


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