Police, university crash experiment pit bikes against cars
Ottawa & Region

By Bruce Deachman, Ottawa Sun, April 28, 2017

Pop math quiz question: If a bicyclist traveling at 21 km/h is rear-ended by a Ford F-150 truck traveling in the same direction at 46 km/h, and the bicycle, or what remains of it, travels an additional 17.6 metres after the collision before coming to a twisted halt, what are the chances anyone will have learned anything useful?

Answer: Pretty good, at least judging by that exact experimental scenario conducted by Carleton University students and the Ottawa Police Service in the parking lot of the Canadian Tire Centre on Thursday.

Now in its sixth year, the bicycle crash tests are part of the curriculum for fourth-year students in Carleton’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program, as a project through which they can demonstrate what they’ve learned.


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