Ottawa, Gatineau traffic updates for April 27 - Ottawa - CBC News

By Doug Hempstead, CBC News Ottawa, April 27, 2017

Cyclist uses downtown sidewalks

Michael is a cyclist and sees little choice but to use the sidewalk in Ottawa sometimes.

"I am a daily cycle commuter. ... There are two places I take to the sidewalk in self-defence on my ride home. In front of the American Embassy on Mackenzie Avenue opposite Major Hill park ... the right (lane is) most heavily used by STO buses. It's a cyclist death trap during rush hour. The other is a 20m stretch on the east side of Colonel By between Pretoria and where Echo starts at Graham Avenue.Why don't I use the (multi-use pathway)?

I have more close calls with dog walkers, strollers, joggers, roller bladers, wheelchairs and, frankly, other cyclists on the MUP, than I do with cars on Colonel By. It's also in terrible condition. I try to be aware of, and defer to, pedestrians when I encounter them."

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