Conservationists want to rescue eels getting sliced in Ottawa dam turbines
Metro Ottawa

By Drew May, Ottawa Metro News, April 26, 2017

Conservationists are hoping new turbines in the Chaudière Falls dam will help restore the population of eels in the Ottawa River.David Browne, director of conservation at the Canadian Wildlife Federation, said the organization has partnered with Energy Ottawa, which owns the dams around Ottawa, to put in new turbines that won’t kill eels. The new turbines let them swim around so they can pass through more easily.

The CWF estimates that eels once made up around 50 per cent of fish in the river but their numbers have dropped to around 1,000. This is because they aren’t able to pass through the hydroelectric dams on the river, according to Browne. The federation estimates that around 80 per cent of the fish in the river are now catfish.

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