Scoffield: Politics matters – Housing, climate and children’s rights
Ottawa Citizen

By Heather Scoffield, Ottawa Citizen, April 21, 2017

Save for the pot-smoking protesters who lit up outside the Peace Tower on Thursday, Parliament Hill was an island of quiet this week — even as global forces battered the country’s sense of security.

MPs were mainly in their ridings for the Easter break, and several cabinet ministers were south of the border preaching the wonders of the federal agenda.

But reminders of the unpredictability of powerful international events hailed down around them, with terrorists striking again in Paris and U.S. President Donald Trump suddenly turning his protectionist wrath on the “disgrace” that is Canada. At the same time, there were concrete developments on housing, greenhouse gas emissions and the rights of children. Here are a few ways federal politics touched us this week:

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