Today’s letters: The ByWard Market, taxes, and the RCMP’s yellow stripe
Ottawa Citizen

By Elisabeth V. Krug and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, April 15, 2017

Keep the food in the ByWard Market

Re: A foolproof plan to wreck the Byward Market, April 12.Randall Denley says that tourists don’t come to downtown Ottawa to buy broccoli and neither do Ottawans.

Some Ottawans actually live downtown and would like to buy broccoli downtown. Downtown Ottawa stretches from Bronson in the west to the Rideau River in the east; and from the Ottawa River in the north to the Queensway in the south. It is a traditional residential downtown neighbourhood, becoming increasingly so thanks to downtown revitalization, increased density residential condos, and focus on walkability and public transit rather than cars.


Time to expand cycling paths in Gatineau Park

There seems to be an outcry about spending money in Alberta on a Jasper-to-Banff path. But here we sit in Ottawa-Gatineau with a huge park that is only partially accessible to the public.

Cycling in the park is really limited to the paved paths and trails that have not changed in decades.

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