Egan: 10 years later, Russell Mills leaves NCC, defends Tunney’s as best hospital site
Ottawa Citizen

By Kelly Egan, Ottawa Citizen, April 5, 2017

Russell Mills chaired the first-ever regular public board meeting of the National Capital Commission on Nov. 7, 2007, “public” being the rocket in that historic launch.

On Thursday, he chairs his last, ending a 10-year run in what is possibly the capital’s most ridiculously demanding job.

Be a nation-builder, an urban planner, give us loads of places to bike and hike, transplant an NHL arena, find a spot for a new hospital, bury a whole train line, build bridges real and imagined, be pushed around by people named Right Honourable — and do it for $9,000 a year in base salary, while herding a board of mostly strangers who can’t find Bank Street.

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