‘Renegade’ Uber drivers snarl Lansdowne traffic
Ottawa Citizen

By David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, April 3, 2017

So many people are taking taxis and private buses to major events at Lansdowne Park that the city is struggling to find places for them to get in and out of vehicles without blocking traffic.

People taking taxis, Ubers or private shuttles put on by faraway bars account for almost 10 per cent of the attendees at Redblacks football games, according to figures from 2016 — which makes a big difference when Bank Street is packed tight.

It’s a whole category of traveller that wasn’t considered at all in the transportation plans when the city government and the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group redeveloped the dilapidated fairground in the Glebe to host a new football team and big outdoor concerts: attendees who arrive in some kind of private vehicle and leave in them afterward, but don’t park in the meantime.


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