By Howard C. Pierce, StittsvilleCentral Letter to the Editor, April 2, 2017

On the north side of Liard Street from Stittsville Main Street to the corner of Basswood, the ditches were reconstructed in September 2016, allowing the water to flow from the paved road into the ditch, decreasing the shoulder so the water would flow through the ditch rather than along the pavement.

Now the shoulder is at best two feet from the edge of the pavement to the slope of the ditch, and when a vehicle parks pointing east on the shoulder it occupies at least half of the pavement, limiting the traffic to one lane.Recent construction of subdivisions on the south side of Fernbank has resulted in increased traffic cutting through on Liard Street. Having no sidewalks creates a dangerous situation for all pedestrians. Many are school children. There’s also an additional danger where the street makes sharp bends and the children do not always face the oncoming traffic.

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