Scoffield: Politics matters – Transit, Trump and corporate subsidies
Ottawa Citizen

By Heather Scofield, Ottawa Citizen, March 31, 2017


Cabinet ministers fanned out across the country this week to highlight last week’s budget moves, but some of the biggest dollars came from budgets of the past.

Trudeau was in Toronto Friday putting $1.8 billion of federal money towards improving GO Transit connecting Toronto to its suburbs. The money was set aside under the Stephen Harper government but had not yet been earmarked. With provincial contributions, the project is getting a $4.4-billion injection, what Trudeau called the largest project Ottawa has ever invested in.

Smaller projects across Ontario also got a boost from infrastructure money set aside last year.

The spending on transit has multiple goals: shortening commuting times and congestion, lessening pollution, creating jobs and spurring economic growth. Indeed, the federal Liberals are counting on that growth to boost federal revenues, curtail their deficit challenge and help them fund the remainder of their election promises.

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