Planning committee approves redevelopment for Westgate Shopping Centre
Metro Ottawa

By Haley Ritchie, Ottawa Metro News, March 28, 2017

Ity seems Ottawa’s oldest mall won't be a mall for much longer.The Westgate Shopping Centre, on Merivale Road, first opened in the spring of 1955, the first “weather protected” shopping mall in Ottawa.

The original mall had a Freiman’s department store and a movie theatre, both of which have long since closed. The mall’s retail stores, including Canada Post and Shoppers Drugmart, occupy the first storey of the building. Office spaces occupy a second story on the building’s east side.

(...)Construction of the long-term project would take place in three phases, with the final version completed in 15 to 20. The final vision for the development includes five towers and 8,230 square metres of commercial space, 1,146 residential units and a central public green space.

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