Editorial: Travel in the shoes of Para Transpo users
Ottawa Citizen

By The Editor, Ottawa Citizen, March 13, 2017

Ottawa’s transit vision is undeniably impressive. Phase One of the LRT will open next year. The Prince of Wales bridge could one day be used to strengthen transit with Gatineau. Councillors dream of a downtown tunnel to relieve congestion. Bravo to all. But city governments still must get the less sexy – yet important – things right.

We refer to Para Transpo.As the Citizen’s Joanne Laucius reported Monday, disabled users of public transit face long wait times – often as much as 45 minutes – just to book a single trip (and that’s before the often-long wait for the Para Transpo minibus or designated taxi to show up). Improvements in transit for the disabled seem to move at a snail’s pace.


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