Residents criticize Brigil proposal for higher density, less parking

By Jessica Cunha, Ottawa Community News, February 22, 2017

A number of residents are calling on the city to deny a proposal by Brigil Construction seeking higher density and less parking in a north-Kanata development.

Brigil applied for a site-plan revision and zoning bylaw amendment for a four-storey, 79-unit condominium at 124 Battersea Cres. near Kanata Avenue and Richardson Side Road.

The original plan, approved in 2013, was for 12- and 16-unit buildings.Dimitre Dimitrov said many homeowners in the area bought where they did in Kanata to purposely avoid intensification found in other areas of the city.

“I have nothing against intensification if it’s somewhere where it can actually work,” he said during a town-hall meeting on Feb. 13. “But a lot of us came to this neighbourhood because there’s big houses with big lots, and because we don’t want to live downtown or we don’t want to live somewhere with high density. We pay a premium for that. We pay a premium both for whatever you bought and also for the taxes that we pay.”

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