Patrick Brown visits Ottawa to attack Liberals over ‘energy poverty’
Ottawa Citizen

By Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen, January 29, 2017

Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown spent Sunday in Ottawa meeting riding association officials and having an hour-long town hall attacking Liberal energy policies in the afternoon.

“Ontarians in particular are living in energy poverty and it’s not right,” he told a crowd of supporters at a Scottish pub in Stittsville.

“Businesses are struggling to keep jobs in Ontario … You look at other states and provinces, and they are going to be poaching jobs from Ontario.“Anything that makes us less competitive, I think we should be worried about.”

Brown blamed the Liberal green energy plan for locking Ontario into contracts for overproduction of power, “knowing that we don’t need it … We give it away to Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York.” He also attacked the province’s cap-and-trade program, saying that will raise energy costs more.

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