UPDATE: More about Stittsville sidewalks

By Glen Gower, StittsvilleCentral, January 27, 2017

Last week we published a list of ten spots in Stittsville in need of sidewalk or pedestrian upgrades. We asked readers for your suggestions and heard from a lot of you. Here’s a sampling:

“I live in Traditions area. Why is there not a sidewalk from Fernbank to Elm Street along Stittsville Main Street? Where the church is. Children who want to walk from Traditions to where the gas station is, have to cross at Fernbank, go across a busy street, then go past the library, and cross at the light there. We need a sidewalk on the west side of the road there.” -Lori Claringbold

“I would recommend the entrance to Crossing Bridge. Hobin Street this end is very dark at night and it’s hard to see groups of people walking on the road with the curves and parked cars. very dangerous without a sidewalk.”–Kate Tomaszewski


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