Today’s letters: Columnist skates on thin ice with Rideau Canal screed
Ottawa Citizen

By Geoffroy Cullwright and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, January 24, 2017

Have a stick of celery with your skate, Mr. Dawson

Re: The Rideau Canal Skateway is overrated, Jan. 23.Ignoring for now objections to the premise of the article – that the Rideau Canal is overrated – columnist Tyler Dawson fails to make any coherent argument in support of his position. He decries Beavertails, yet admits to never having tried one. He laments the canal’s ice quality, but concedes that it is outdoors and is subject to the elements.

He complains of crowds on the canal, yet only references the busiest stretch. Mr. Dawson ignores what many Ottawans know: the canal offers an all-season opportunity for activity and exploration, and certainly one of the world’s most unique commutes.

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