NCC launches Nepean Point rejuvenation, approves Ottawa western LRT plan - Ottawa - CBC News

By Kate Porter, CBC News Ottawa, January 19, 2017

Samuel de Champlain could be getting a few more visitors if a National Capital Commission plan comes to fruition.The NCC launched an international competition Thursday to redevelop Nepean Point on the Ottawa River, home to the prominent statue of Samuel de Champlain.

The site was first developed around 1910 and included a Victorian footbridge that was later removed. The statue was unveiled in 1915.historical photo of Samuel de Champlain statue at Nepean Point.

An outdoor amphitheatre was added for Canada's centennial in 1967, but the dressing rooms built into the hill have asbestos and Nepean Point hasn't been as accessible since the National Gallery was built, said NCC CEO Mark Kristmanson.

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