MIS-STEP: A list of mysteriously missing sidewalks

By Glen Gower, StittsvilleCentral, January 19, 2017

The Ottawa Neighbourhood Study gives Stittsville a walkability score for of 54% for pedestrian infrastructure. That’s slightly above the city average of 50%, but it suggests there are a lot of places where we can do better.

Here’s a list of 10 spots in need of an upgrade for pedestrians.

There’s an OC Transpo bus stop along here, but to get to it you have to walk on the shoulder or the bike lane. That might work in the summer but it’s rather unsafe after a big snowfall. There’s no sidewalk to be found on either side of the road, despite being adjacent to homes and businesses. This would also be a handy route to walk to the Sobeys grocery store for people in West Ridge or Timbermere.


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