Wider sidewalks, limited parking coming for Elgin St.
CTV Ottawa News

By Matt Skube, CTV News Ottawa, January 11, 2017

Dino Iafelice already has issues with parking on Elgin St.

"I do have reservations calling, saying 'hi, we're running late because we can't find parking' or 'hi, we're running late because there is no parking,'" he explains.

Things are going to get harder for the owner of Johnny Farina. A new design for the Elgin will feature wider sidewalks, cutting the street down to two lanes. It will eliminate a lot of parking and construction is expected to take two years.

"We've had other groups, other BIAs, telling us tighten your belt, it's not going to be a good ride," says Iafelice.

More trees and benches are expected to be installed. The city says it will be easier for people to use public transit and more restaurants will be able to do patios in the summer. Most people are on board.


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