Councillors look back and ahead to 2017

By Michelle Nash Baker, Ottawa Community News, January 9, 2017 Last year, east Ottawa councillors and residents grappled with issues around traffic, rising costs around the city, intensification, violence and community safety .In a year-in-review questionnaire, Couns. David Chernushenko, Mathieu Fleury, Tobi Nussbaum, and Tim Tierney weighed in on the year’s challenges, what they are looking forward to in 2017, budget highlights for their wards and personal goals throughout the year. (...)

For an urban councillor, Chernushenko said one of his challenges this year was trying to achieve some semblance of control over infill development that supports the character of the neighbourhood and street.

“I continue to feel like I am fighting a losing battle on most projects, where they come in too high, too massive and with too much loss of trees and greenspace,” he said. “Urban infill for “stuff the sausage” residential projects that are designed to squeeze in the maximum number of unrelated tenants, often with insufficient room for waste receptacles, bicycles, etc.”

He added, traffic congestion related to the Main Street Renewal project, and ongoing Light Rail Transit and other infrastructure renewal also kept him challenged throughout the year.

Source: Councillors look back and ahead to 2017

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