Today’s letters: Widening the highway, recognizing flight instructors
Ottawa Citizen

By Brian Hayes, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, January 3, 2016

Widening the highway is wrongheaded

Re: Here’s why we need to widen Highway 417, Dec. 24

.I guess it’s too late to put Bob Chiarelli on the “naughty” list for his response to David Reevely’s column questioning the plan to widen the 417.

Chiarelli, a politician, states “I suspect people driving on Highway 417 will be thrilled to learn the highway will be widened to accommodate the increased traffic.” Problem is, as Reevely has pointed out multiple times, all traffic studies show that it’s only a short time before the new capacity is swallowed up. Wider highways encourage driving. Is that what this “green” government really wants?

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