The environment is the secret to preparing for the next 150 years
Ottawa Citizen

By Madeline Ashby, Ottawa Citizen, January 3, 2016

During this, Canada’s 150th year, maybe it’s time we take stock of how we shall navigate and plan for the next century and a half.

First, the environment. As we speak, pundits and ministers in Alberta are tut-tutting about whether or not the province is “still standing” after instituting a carbon tax. Environment Minister Shannon Phillips has already called it “a large change with large rewards,” while the Wildrose opposition’s electricity and renewables critic insists that the “science isn’t settled,” on anthropgenic climate change. (He offered no word on how many scientists it would take to achieve quorum on the issue. Presumably the number is roughly equivalent to the number of angels who can dance on the head of a pin.)

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