Jenkins: The charming – and maddening – duality of Ottawa
Ottawa Citizen

By Phil Jenkins, Ottawa Citizen, November 27, 2016

It would be pleasant, as Salvador Dali claimed he could, to be able to remember everything you saw and heard from the moment of birth. Were that so, I would now be able to conjure the arrival at the Union train station (soon to be the temporary Senate den house) of myself as a one-year-old with a mother in tow. Father had gone ahead and found an apartment in a six unit on Electric Street in New Edinburgh, which is still there. Nine years and a couple of moves later, including a Robert Campeau suburban idle in Elmvale Acres, and a witnessing of the last streetcar, we were on a boat bound for Liverpool.


But, but, meanwhile the membership of the green resistance has grown (kudos, Ecology Ottawa), as have the champions of compassion, those who wish the city’s elected officials to administer compassion and govern greed, and not do it the other way ’round. The pedestrians and bicyclists have begun to reclaim territory lost to the car, though not without casualties.

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