Police escort uninvited candidates from Ottawa-Vanier debate

By Michelle Nash Baker, Ottawa Community News, November 11, 2016 There was no shortage of drama at the Ottawa-Vanier debate on Nov. 10. Sitting in a packed room at the Knights of Columbus in Vanier, all four invited candidates – PC candidate André Marin, Liberal candidate Nathalie Des Rosiers, NDP candidate Claude Bisson and Green candidate Raphael Morin – were ready to start taking questions from the organizers of the debate, when everything came to a standstill. For 37 minutes, the forum was put on ice while a registered candidate who was not invited to the forum took over the stage. (...)

Four area community associations  — Lowertown Community Association, Action Sandy Hill, the Vanier Community Association and the Overbrook Community Association — and four community resource and health centres (Lowertown Community Resource Centre, Vanier Community Service Centre, Sandy Hill Community Health Centre and the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre), as well as Ecology Ottawa and business owners joined forces to host the forum and decided to only invite the four leading candidates in an effort to make the most out of the planned two-hour debate.

Organizers expressed frustration and anger about having the evening disrupted and the loss of time the invited candidates had to answer questions.

Source: Police escort uninvited candidates from Ottawa-Vanier debate

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