Jim Watson asks Ottawa-Vanier candidates to answer 4-question survey
Ottawa Citizen

By Susana Mas, Ottawa Citizen, November 6, 2016

Mayor Jim Watson wants to know where the four candidates running in the upcoming byelection in Ottawa-Vanier stand on a range of issues of interest to the city.

Watson’s office said on Sunday that he had emailed the four main candidates in the Nov. 17 byelection — Liberal Nathalie Des Rosiers, Progressive Conservative André Marin, New Democrat Claude Bisson and the Green Party’s Raphaël Morin — four questions, requesting a Yes or No reply by Thursday. He also left room on the form for comments.

Watson said he wants to know the candidates’ positions on the second phase of the light rail transit project, a proposed truck tunnel, funding for the Ottawa police direct action response team and guns and gangs unit and additional funding for social housing.


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