Sneak peek: five things you’ll find in the new light rail stations
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By Emma Jackson, Ottawa Metro News, October 19, 2016

The 13 light rail stations opening in 2018 aren’t your regular O-Train platforms. Far from it: these state-of-the-art buildings will be packed with all-new integrated signage, ticket booths, digital schedules and, if you’re lucky, cafes and convenience stores. Check out the coolest features transit commission approved at its meeting Wednesday.

On the run

Grab a fresh muffin on your way to work, or pick up your dry cleaning on the way home: these are the kinds of services that will keep customers riding the rails, OC Transpo staff said Wednesday. There’s retail space planned at Tunney’s Pasture, Rideau, Hurdman and Blair stations, and staff want them filled with bright, open-concept cafes, convenience stores and services. Kiosks, vending machines and ATMs could also make an appearance. But the city doesn’t stand to make much money from the deals: securing the right services for customers – regardless of what the owner can pay in rent – is as important as making money, staff said.

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