Editorial: Carbon tax not evil, but it may not be that virtuous either
Ottawa Citizen

By the Editorial Board, Ottawa Citizen, October 4, 2016

First, let’s dispel one notion: This is NOT the 1980 National Energy Program, widely loathed by western Canadians who felt – with justification – that eastern élites weren’t sensitive to their economic needs.J

ustin Trudeau’s announcement of a carbon price for all of Canada, starting at a modest $10 a tonne in 2018 and rising over five years to $50, isn’t an attempt to take from one part of the country and give to another. The federal Liberals will impose the plan only on provinces that don’t have their own equivalent means of pricing carbon. Also, revenues will stay with the provinces. Whatever its weaknesses (and we’ll get to that), the carbon price announced by the prime minister Monday isn’t a regional pile-on.


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