It’s a hospital, not a bawdy house. Experimental Farm is the best site
Ottawa Citizen

By Mohamed Adam, Ottawa Citizen, September 29, 2016

Enough handwringing over the location of the new Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital. Let’s build it on the Central Experimental Farm where it belongs, and I guarantee you the sky will not fall. We will all wake up safe and sane the morning after the decision is made – and the day after the hospital opens 10 years from now, we will all be wondering what the fuss was about.

Since the federal Liberals overturned the decision of the Conservative government to transfer 60 acres of farmland to The Ottawa Hospital for a new Civic campus, many have worked themselves into a frenzy over the issue. A number of communities identified as potential locations don’t want it, but the most vociferous opposition has come from supporters of the Experimental Farm, where four of the 12 potential sites are located.

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