Hydro One listening, but questions remain, say Riverview Park residents

By Erin McCracken, Ottawa Community News, September 26, 2016

Five metres on either side of a hydro corridor in the Riverview Park community will – for the most part – be saved when a transmission line is upgraded next year, giving many residents a signal Hydro One is paying attention to their concerns.

“They seem to be listening,” said Neil Irwin, whose home backs onto the 30-metre wide right-of-way corridor that will be turned into a construction site next year when the 1.8-kilometre line is upgraded. “I think they will hold true to their word.

”Hydro One recently softened its stance about which “encroachments” need to be taken out along the corridor between Balena Park and the Overbrook transformer station on Coventry Road by next spring when work begins on the line.


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