Cycling debate shouldn’t be so bitter: We all want to get home safe
Ottawa Citizen

By Ron Barr, Ottawa Citizen, September 20, 2016

It all started with a call from CFRA on the day a truck driver was charged in the tragic death of a cyclist in downtown Ottawa. I suggested I would look forward to working with the cycling community to help make Ottawa streets fatality-free for drivers, bikers and pedestrians alike. I also mentioned that I did not think trucks and cyclists mixed well together on our roadways. At that point, hell broke loose.

Since then, I have become the focus of both the “for cyclists” and “against cyclists” debate, including the enormous infrastructure our tax dollars have paid for. I have been bombarded with calls from as far away as New Brunswick, and from cyclists and citizens in this city. I do not think bike lanes work on certain roads in Ottawa, and further, I believe that we, the ones who pay for these expensive infrastructure projects, have been lulled into accepting a system that is dangerous.

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