We should consider all traffic deaths and serious injuries preventable
Ottawa Citizen

By Catherine McKenney, Ottawa Citizen, September 6, 2016

Between 2010 and 2014, 148 people died on our streets: 85 in cars, 12 on motorcycles, 36 on foot and 15 on bikes. If these are acceptable numbers, we need to ask: how many of our loved ones are we willing to include in these statistics?

Zero is my answer and I expect it is yours too.In my ward alone, there have been two tragic traffic fatalities involving a pedestrian and cyclist this summer. Last Thursday, a student on her way to class was killed on a segregated bike lane built to provide a safer alternative for cyclists travelling east-west through the downtown. On one morning all of these walkers, cyclists and transit users decide to drive instead. The downtown would be in gridlock.


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