City warns of phoney bad drinking water claims
Ottawa & Region

By Aidan Cox, Ottawa Sun, August 18, 2016

The city is warning residents to beware of phoney claims made about the quality of Ottawa’s drinking water.

The City of Ottawa released a statement Thursday that describes reports of door-to-door salesmen providing “incorrect information about water quality” to residents. The false information provided is supposedly part of their sales pitch for selling water filtration and treatment systems.

The city wants to remind residents that its municipal drinking water meets all federal and provincial health-based quality guidelines and standards.“Ottawa’s drinking water has been rated by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change as being among the safest in the world and it is continually tested to ensure that those high standards are maintained,” said the city.Residents are also reminded that: City employees do not contact residents to sell products or services. Except for emergency situations, any visits that may require access to homes or businesses by city staff are scheduled in advance. Residents are provided with advance notice of projects that may impact them. All employees requesting access to homes have city-issued photo identification cards.Residents who are directly contacted by people claiming to be city employees for city business are asked to check identification, and, if concerns remain, contact the city prior to allowing access.Please report any suspicious, unsolicited calls or visits to the Ottawa Police Service by calling 613-236-1222.

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