Reevely: Ontario’s climate plan will change your life, whether you like it or not
Ottawa Citizen

This was posted more than 12 months ago. The information may be outdated.

By David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, June 8, 2016

Ontario’s new climate change plan will hit us where we live and work because it has to if it’s going to do any good.

The government wants us to replace old boilers and furnaces, re-insulate our attics and buy new windows, replace our cars with electric ones, plug in solar panels and put more ethanol in our gasoline. It wants our businesses to move more goods by rail, to slash their energy use, to trap more carbon dioxide. It’s all laid out in a five-year plan Premier Kathleen Wynne laid out Wednesday, one that’s to cost between $5.9 billion and $8.3 billion in public dollars.