Dump-saving short list of ideas doesn't include hazardous waste pickup, but keeps most options alive

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, March 8, 2022

Several of the initial proposals to extend the life of the municipal landfill remain on the table as the City of Ottawa launches a new round of public consultations on a new solid waste master plan.

... The city recently released a report with options as it tries to collect more feedback on new measures to drastically reduce the amount of garbage being trucked to the Trail Road dump. The landfill, which takes in Ottawa’s household waste, could be full within 15 years if the city doesn’t divert more garbage to recycling and green bin programs.

...For now, the city wants to hear people’s feedback about the short list. More information about the list and upcoming information sessions are posted on the city’s engagement website at engage.ottawa.ca/solid-waste-master-plan.

Find the whole article here.

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